Making Money As a Medical Student

Making Money Instead of Partying During Medical School

I know it’s hard to have a fun lifestyle as a medical student with studying, rotations, loans, and a small budget. However, if you are doing rotations in a big city like Chicago or New York City then you can actually make money during your rotations. Making money does not require that much effort; however, if you want to make a lot of money then that’s a different story.

Uber or Lyft
No matter what, you will always have some down time during rotations, and so you can use that free time and make money with your car. If you have a car less than 10 years old or a newer year with 4-doors, then you should be good to go. Making money by giving rides is easy but it can be unsafe for females as you will pick up strangers. For those who really want to go this path, I suggest driving a Honda Accord or a Toyota Camry because of the low gas usage. If you have a luxury car, your payout will be higher but it will eat up your premium gas.

Making Money as a Medical StudentThis requires the love of writing. Making money from blogging is easy if you write about what you love. It may take years till you see your first pay check because Google search bot will need to see the value of your site overtime.

As a matter of fact, this website has generated me money. I started this blog in 2009 and it has grown with over 200 articles and over half a million page views. As you can see on the right image, that’s how much money I have accumulated from advertisements. I check my Google AdSense account every week and I always see money being earned. The more I write, the more money I earn. That’s how this website has been paid for all these years because the domain and server costs is paid by the money generated here.

Digital Work
If you have skills like making graphics or animations then hop on over to and post your ad. You will have access to thousands of customers who are looking for designers for their personal and business needs. The assignments payout starts as low as $5. You can also post ads for video editing, writing, photography, and music composition.

Making money as a tutor are for those who have extensive experience in the field they tutor in. If you have taken the MCAT, or any of the USMLE exams, then this is where you shine. You have the experience and what you know it valued by students who need help. Tutoring for the the USMLE Step 2 CS is in high demand; you can tutor student via Skype, FaceTime, or Google hangouts. One of the most common way to get your service out there is to post in classified ads. You can either go to MSM’s classified ads or craigslist’s.

Affiliate Marketing
If you shop online then why not get rebates on your purchases. So basically you are paying yourself to shop. eBates allows you to get paid for your purchased and yes it’s real, because I get checks from them. Also, if you have a website then sign up for affiliates program and get some commission on selling USMLE books and other medical school items or anything that;s related to your website.

The possibilities are endless and I encourage everyone to stop partying and get to work. If you have any questions then please ask me.

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New Features for

I have been brainstorming for the upgraded version of this site. I will change the theme of this blog and so it will give me the freedom to add more function. I would like to add the following features to this site:

A forum section is in the plans to be added for students to discuss with one another on how to help in regards to getting through medical school. It won’t be specific to one school, it’ll be open for everyone who goes to the Caribbean and who are rotating in Chicago and elsewhere in US & Canada. The forum section should be a great tool for those who are also looking for USMLE study partners. It will also be a good place to share residency interview experiences.

Forum section has been added. Please register to post. (Updated 8/9/2016)

Private Message
I will add this feature with the forum for those who want to keep the conversations private between each other such as sharing phone numbers and addresses for classified section.

When you leave the islands or rotations I know how hard it is to sell your stuff. Other students would love to buy your stuff at a cheaper price. So I plan to add a classified sections in which students can talk to one another. Also it’ll be a good place to post your apartments if you are looking to get people to take over your lease.

Classified Ads  has been added. Please register to post your ads. (Updated 8/8/2016)

Q&A Section (Added on 8/10/2016)
I may not have the answer to everything. That’s why I will add a questions and answers sections where other students can answer any questions you may have.


If you have any ideas that could make this site better please don’t hesitate to contribute on the comments below. Thanks.

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It hasn’t been a walk in the park as I’m upgrading this blog. This blog has a lot of content since 2009 and the blogging system that it rests on has a lot of limitations. Therefore, I am migrating it to a better system. You will see a lot of changes and it will also allow me to blog more easily. I need more traffic and I need more comments to motivate me to keep writing. So bear with me as I make this site more shiny. If the site goes down for a little bit please remember you can also visit

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UWorld: Study Efficiently

UWorldThere is very efficient way to study well from UWorld (formerly USMLE World) and it may or may not work for you. You need to go over UWorld as many times as you can in order to fully master the concepts. That means you shouldn’t waste the questions, and you should read the explanations, word-for-word.

1. You should start read ing the questions like a book. That means choose TUTORIAL MODE and MIXED. And choose 10 questions at a time. You need to start off slow and slowly work up to 15 at a time and then 20. The reason being is it’ll give you less anxiety when you have so little to do.

2. After choosing the answer in tutorial mode, go all the way down and read the education objective first to get the summary of what it’s about. Treat all the questions as if you got it wrong, even if you did get it right. All the explanations are golden.

3. Do not ever skip any questions. Each wrong answer is the summary of the explanation to another questions. In this format, you are interconnecting the dots of medicine, and it’s building up repetition learning.

4. DO NOT RUSH. You must take your time. Remember, you should do the question bank multiple times.

5. Another way to effectively get the most out of UWorld is watching a videos while doing questions. For example, in the morning spent couple of hours watching Pulmonary section and then afterwards do a mixed question block. That way you are re-enforcing the concepts into your long-term memory.

6. If you don’t understand something from the question bank, don’t be lazy and Google it. Biostatistics is better explained on YouTube. As a matter of fact, KhanAcademy does a great job explaining medical biostatistics.


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USMLE Step 2 CS Instructor For Hire

If you have passed USMLE Step 2 CS and graduated then there is a job for you in Illinois. The job is posted by USMLE Success Academy in Schaumburg, IL. The starting salary is is $55,000. The following is what was posted:
The USMLE Success Academy is seeking a full-time instructor for its USMLE Step 2 CS Live Preparation Program. The successful applicant(s) must hold a Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree or equivalent and must have passed the following USMLE examinations: Step 1, Step 2 CK, and Step 2 CS.
Job duties include:
– Organizing and executing a live, in-class educational program
– Educating students on the foundations of successfully navigating the Step 2 CS
– Exploring a variety of clinical encounters, while also acting as patient and discussing each encounter
– Providing feedback to students based on strengths and weaknesses
The ideal candidate must demonstrate the following:
– Leadership skills and the ability to work independently
– An outgoing personality
– A passion to work with students
– Is self-motivated
– Ability to follow directions and take/use constructive feedback for self-improvement
This is a perfect opportunity for those who have graduated medical school and waiting for residency. Their website is  They are located at 1821 Walden Office Square, Suite 555, Schaumburg, Illinois 60173. You can contact them through their online form.
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